Harrisburg Is Cool, Pt. 2: Neato Burrito

Neato Burrito is probably the best place to eat on the planet. At least in Harrisburg...when you want a burrito. Just sayin'.

Joe and I were there a few months ago one on of our adventure days in the 717.  We worked up an appetite after exploring the State Museum of PA.  

I ordered "The Cowboy Crunch" --  my favorite. Joe ordered the hummus with pineapple salsa...delicious. Om nom nom.

There are a few Neato locations (I have been to 3 of them), but we went to the 2nd Street store downtown.  Very retro and funky environment.  I especially love the window counter seating--you can people watch while enjoying your delicious burrito.  Best.

When in the 717, one must consume Neato Burrito. End of story.

**Note: We are actually in Harrisburg right now for a few days over Spring Break! This explains why I actually have time to blog. Boo school, Yay home!
I plan to consume all of the burritos over the next few days.

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