Gettin' Crafty Up in Hurr.

As some of you may know, I am beyond broke. 

Once one of my big checks for my England trip is cashed, I will have about $10 in my bank account to last me for who knows how long

Instead of crying about it, I am attempting to make some dolla dolla bills:

1. I finally listed the remainder of my old textbooks for sale on Amazon.com.
I know they are not likely to sell until the Fall semester inches closer, but at least the deed is done.

I may end up adding some other fun stuff as a means of (delayed) Spring cleaning, so stay tuned! 

2. I made an account on Etsy! I don't have anything for sale just yet, but I am keeping my sewing machine (previously on the market) in order to produce some goodies. I also have a tub full of free yarn that I can put to use!

Keep an eye out, amigos. Keep dem wallets handy. 

3. I signed up to take online surveys for companies. Not too sure if this is legit, but it's something. I didn't provide any of my real information, just in case. I want to test the waters before I sell my soul (and information). 

4. I technically have a job at Old Navy, but things keep getting in the way of me actually working. 

For instance, I "self-terminated" from the Harrisburg store due to being away at school and not working in a while, so my transfer to the Indiana store couldn't be processed. My new managers came across this tiny detail the week after my orientation. I had to re-apply in order to provide the necessary information and be placed back into the "system."

So now I wait.

After waiting two semesters to be transferred in the first place, I am waiting some more. 
But it's fine. I'm not bitter. They are nice people... 

Some other ideas I'm toying with:

1. Dog walker! 

2. House/apartment cleaner!

Anyone in the Indiana area, let me know if I can be of service. 

Also, if anyone would like to contribute to the Ms. Dax Is Broke Fund, donations of any sort are gladly accepted.

Much obliged. 


  1. You, ma'am, should inform us what you can make with that yarn. Cause, I can always part with some of my hard earned cash for something to keep me comfy cozy warm.

  2. I can make scarves and blankets. I also have some previously made hats!

  3. !! I would be interested in these hats. :]