Updates & Such

I'll be wearing this get up + a silly hat in about ten days. 


My plans for summer/next year seem to be solidifying. 

I was recently hired (yesterday) at a local bank to work in their Call Center full time. 

I'm keeping my position at Old Navy for extra cash. 

Working a full and part time job might kill me... I guess we'll find out! 

I'm holding off on grad school until 2013.  Also looking into AmeriCorps programs in Pittsburgh. 

Stuff and stuff. 

I won some writing awards at IUP's English Dept. Honors Ceremony.

* First Place for Creative Non-Fiction -- I also converted this piece into a book that I self-published for a class! Available for purchase! Haha... but yeah, seriously.  You can buy it.  And by "can," I mean "should."  

* Honorable Mention for Critical Research -- a language and gender research paper about Disney movie princesses. Boss.
I got a hair cut. 

These are my life updates. 

More to appear in the future. 

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