Valentine's Day Recap

- We drove to Greensburg (about an hour away) after class to hit up Robokyo, a baller Japanese restaurant. 

Joe and I ordered the Sushi Dinner for Two (aww), along with some mushroom balls (SO good) and chicken fried rice. 
Best sushi I have ever had. Just sayin'.

- Went to see No Strings Attached at the Greensburg theater.

- Wanted ice cream afterwards, but it was already going on 10 p.m., so I brilliantly suggested Dean's Diner (24 hrs), which is on the way back to school.
We stopped for coffee and pie a la mode. Cherry cream. Noms. 

- Once back in the apartment, silly pictures ensued. 
Because that's just how I do. 

All in all, first legit Valentine's Day = success. 
Next year I shall try to not be so expensive..... maybe.

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  1. ya'll is adorable. that sounds like a wonderful evening.