I need to make this quick, for I am lounging in the library between classes. I need to walk across campus in about 5 minutes.

First of all, let me profess my newfound love of the library. I can grab a sandwich and a coffee, go upstairs to the quiet floor, and feel motivated enough to get my work done. Not to mention I actually have internet right now. This never happens at the library. I'm sitting next to a giant window, basking in the heat from the sun. It's quite warm. I might be sweating...

(a fragment of my giant window)

Anywho. The point of this post was to comment on a new enthusiasm/understanding of writing as a result of my Advanced Composition class.... my professor demands a mere 5 pages a week. We can write about anything we want, really, and can use multiple drafts of one piece as counted pages. Not hard, right? You'd think so. It's not hard. I'm just lazy.

So, today after my lab, I came to the library to make a dent in my page count. So far, I cracked out about a page of something I had started last week. I like it.

That's the point.

This is giving me a chance to revisit and replenish old projects that were unsatisfactory or incomplete. This process gives me time to draft. I've never drafted in my life. And I've come to terms with the "shitty first draft". Because it's necessary.

And before now, I didn't see it that way.

So, HUZZAH! Learning and whatnot!

I just wanted to share.

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  1. isn't learning just a super beautiful thing. fer serious. i'm all about it.
    i also missing. i'm glad to hear you're doing well.